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Group Exhibitions:

2019 : BAME Networking & Global Art Exhibition’ Credit Suisse, Canary Wharf, London

2018 : Atelier’ Linger On! National Trust, Eastbury Manor, London

2017 : Fine Art Degree Sample Showcase, National Trust, Eastbury Manor, London

Degree Showcase, University of East London, AVA Gallery, London

2016 : ‘No Mans Land’ Islington Arts Factory, London

‘Make Stone Smaller’, AVA Gallery, London

Acts I & II, Scene III. ‘Swarm’ AVA Gallery, London

‘3 For 50’ Platform Gallery, 2nd Floor Studios, London

2015 : ‘Trumped’ art Auction, Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery, London

Remember Nature’ AVA Gallery, London

‘Portrait of a Landscape’, Ye Old Rose and Crown, London

‘From Haringey to Walthamstow’, Winns Gallery, London

2014 : ‘Global Capitalism and the Environment’, Winns Gallery, London

SOLO Exhibitions:

2019 : ‘Everything is Transformed’ E17 ArtTrail, London