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Simona Pesce: Provoking Emotions and Inspiring Change through Art

About Simona Pesce

Simona Pesce is an award-winning installation and sculpture artist originally from Puglia, Southern Italy. Currently residing in London, UK, Simona’s works reflect a deep personal attachment to society, ranging from individualistic political statements to addressing the unfortunate conflicts affecting various countries around the world. With a keen focus on provoking emotions in the viewer, Simona’s art is known for its powerful impact and thought-provoking nature.

Installation Art

Simona Pesce’s installations are a testament to her artistic vision and ability to create immersive experiences. Each installation is carefully crafted to transport the viewer into a different world, evoking a range of emotions and sparking introspection. Simona’s use of various materials, textures, and lighting techniques adds depth and complexity to her installations, making them truly captivating.

One notable installation by Simona Pesce is “Reflections of Society,” which explores the interconnectedness of individuals within a community. The installation features a series of mirrors arranged in a way that reflects the viewer’s image alongside the images of others, symbolizing the shared experiences and collective identity that shape our society. Through this thought-provoking piece, Simona challenges viewers to reflect on their role in society and the impact of their actions on others.


Simona Pesce’s sculptures are a testament to her mastery of form and her ability to transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art. Each sculpture tells a unique story, often drawing inspiration from Simona’s personal experiences and observations of the world around her. Simona’s sculptures capture the essence of her subjects, whether it be the human form, nature, or abstract concepts.

One of Simona’s most renowned sculptures is “The Journey Within,” a life-sized bronze sculpture depicting a figure in a contemplative pose. The sculpture symbolizes the inner journey of self-discovery and introspection. Through her meticulous attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship, Simona brings the sculpture to life, inviting viewers to reflect on their own inner journeys and the paths they have taken.

Impact on Society

Simona Pesce’s works have had a profound impact on society, both locally and internationally. Through her art, Simona addresses pressing social and political issues, shedding light on the injustices and conflicts that affect different countries and communities. Her thought-provoking installations and sculptures serve as a catalyst for conversations and discussions, encouraging viewers to examine their own beliefs and perspectives.

Simona’s commitment to using art as a means of social commentary and change is evident in her involvement in various community projects and collaborations with other artists. She actively seeks opportunities to engage with diverse audiences, fostering dialogue and raising awareness about important issues.


Simona Pesce, an award-winning installation and sculpture artist, has made a significant impact on the art world with her thought-provoking works. From her immersive installations to her captivating sculptures, Simona’s art evokes emotions and challenges viewers to reflect on the world around them. With a personal attachment to society and a commitment to addressing social and political issues, Simona continues to push boundaries and inspire change through her art.