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Since the financial crash of 2008 many politicians, rich Capitalists and media outlets have placed a lot of negativity onto immigration and migrants themselves. Prime Minister David Cameron has referred to migrants as a ‘swarm’ and the media regularly uses terms such as ‘flood’, ‘wave’, ‘influx’ and ‘stream’.

Migrants are routinely labeled like ‘scroungers’ who ‘come over here and steal our jobs’, and even on occasion blamed for causing the financial problems in the first place.
With Britain about to vote on whether or not to stay within the EU, and the USA’s Republican Party dangerously close to electing their most right wing and controversial Presidential candidate to date, migrants are seeing themselves even more routinely being made scape goats for the world’s problems.

Numbers and people are crunched ever more effectively in the great machine called Capitalism.

Swarm draws on the issues that made people flee their homes, their lives and their loved ones. It explores reminiscences about what former lives were like and will never be again as people are faced with the struggle to find new homes and be accepted.

Simona Pesce wants us to experience and try to understand some of the crushing loneliness and desperation she and many others like her have felt. Always condemned to be ‘different’, even when they revisit their homeland, always ‘different’ in their new home, but always desperately, trying to feel at home.